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Parents of very smart children have challenges, including dealing with schools. These kids are variously called advanced learners, gifted and talented, exceptional children, fast learners, or able learners. Here are practical resources.

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  Tutors and private teachers

You can find tutors for your child by location, educational background, cost, and subject expertise. We have hard-to-get contact information as a no-cost service to parents. You can then interview a potential tutor and check references. KidsBoston is never involved in the hiring or tutoring process.

Tutors -- Whether your expertise is in math and science or in things like beginning guitar, register your skills for the KidsBoston tutor list. Parents can learn about your services and easily reach you.


Infectious disease; in the wind

Nature, the international journal of science

The science journal Nature says the baby-threatening Kawasaki disease could cross the Pacific on air currents.


Hub events, fun stuff

Boston events, shows, treks and tours, sports, dining, openings, lectures, culinary events and art happenings. Try Paul's Picks.



MIT Museum is a playground for older bright children

Visiting the

The MIT Museum in Cambridge

MIT Museum in Cambridge is a treat for bright kids in middle school and high school.

The robots, lasers, holograms, inventions, strange things, hands-on workshops and computers inside the plain-looking building can make a wonderland for curious children.

The Miracle of Science near the museum has great cheeseburgers.

And adults, too.

Engineers, MIT faculty and assorted scientists give frequent small-group talks and presentations, often on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Check the museum web site for updates on scheduled events, some with free admission. The museum has more than . . . Click for more.

Movies, movies, movies
Brando as The Godfather

Films an educated person will have seen

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Kids old enough and smart enough to get past the latest monster flick or teen buddy movie could probably use some gentle parental help in finding good and culturally important movies.

Then again, they might prefer more vampires. That's up to them, their stage of development and how you present information on something better. Our list might help.

Click here to see the KidsBoston fine-film list.


Free, online AP environmental-science course available

An advanced-placement environmental science course developed by the University of California college prep initiative is now available through the Encyclopedia of Earth website at:

Based on curriculum developed for California schools, the free, online course covers all material outlined by the College Board. The 25 chapters range from energy flows to environmental laws and regulations. They may be used independently or sequentially as a full course by teachers and students in high school or college.

The Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE) is a free resource written by experts to provide accurate and understandable scientific information on environmental issues. The editorial staff is based at Boston University. For more information visit

Independent Schools in New England. These are some of the best independent schools in the nation. More than 160 schools in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island make up the Association of Independent Schools in New England. Includes a searchable database.


Parochial schools. Here are contacts for parochial elementary and high schools in Massachusetts. There are some 100 Catholic elementary schools, 35 high schools and 12 early schools in Boston alone..


Parties-- Let someone else clean up. Here are places that host or help with children's birthday parties and celebrations.






Cool Science

A Sea Biscuit's Life from Bruno Vellutini on Vimeo.

Colleges scholarships Where they are and how to get them. Your child may be years away from college, but you'd better begin planning for the expense now.

Just One More Book -- Reviews of some of the best books for kids -- and podcasts of the authors -- are at this charming and valuable site. Noted children's-book author Daniel Pinkwater calls a treasure.

Public or private school? The stakes are high for kids, parents and society. Winchester's Peter Haley roots for public schools. William Wharton, headmaster at the Commonwealth School in Boston's Back Bay, tells why a private school may be right for your child.

Boston Children's Museum
Home schooling  The Massachusetts Home Learning Association is the oldest home-schooling organization in Massachusetts and represents no one political or religious view. You'll also find links to local, state and national resources for parents considering this education route.

Smart kids with learning disabilities. Many smart children struggle with the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic.
Conditions holding them back are sometimes not diagnosed until high school, or later. This site -- with some free and some membership areas --
talks about the value of testing, trust and very practical things parents and educators can do.


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